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Mishaal's Vivarium Treasures

Vivarium lovers it is time to rejoice! Mishaal has hand-picked out these incredible vivarium treasures for you. We ship anywhere in Canada every Monday and our winter shipping is now in effect.

Mishaal's Deals

Here is a beautiful assortment of botanical treasures Mr. Ecouarium himself has hand-picked and posed with in the pictures just for you. Limited quantities available and priced to make room in the shop.

Assorted hoyas

If you are seeking an exotic indoor plant that is very easy to grow, take a look at hoya! Ecouarium Ltd. is proud to offer an incredible selection of hoyas for you to peruse over. Pick out one today.

Anthurium furcatum

Anthurium furcatum is a wonderful creation from nature with it's unique T-shape foliage. This one does well in a greenhouse or display cabinet with warm temperatures and higher humidity. Such a beautiful specimen!

Anthurium veitchii

Anthurium Veitchii is called the King Anthurium for very good reason, showcasing incredible ripple like abs in a man with strength and fitness! These beauties come from Ecaudor and await your review now.

Assorted alocaisas

Alocasia have a very commanding presence in the exotic plant world. This is an incredible specimen with striking looks and undeniable charm. It's no wonder why collector's snatch these up when they come around.

Assorted aroids

Visit this collection of aroids to find unique and amazing one of a kind specimens that fall into this category. Find a new botanical treasure to take home with you today. We ship Canada wide.

Assorted begonias

Ecouarium Ltd. is proud to offer some of the absolute rarest begonias that are available on the market. We have had some of these stunner pieces growing not for months, but for years and are releasing them now.

Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants derive some or most of their nutrients from trapping and consuming insects. Not only do they get their energy from the food they digest with special enzymes, they also conduct photosynthesis.

Haworthia limifolia variegated

Haworthia limifolia variegated is an ultra rare type of succulent to locate. We only have 2 of these available from our collection, so grab them while they last. Get shopping now.

Monstera peru

Monstera peru has large, shiny dark green, and corrugated leaves with a compact and rigid structure, with a tendency to grow fairly quickly, and they love to climb when provided with a totem pole.

Monstera pinnatipartita

Monstera pinnatipartita is a rare climbing plant hailing from South America that looks very similar to Monstera peru. Best of all, Monstera pinnatipartita can grow about anywhere in your home.

Philodendron cream splash

Philodendron cream splash are sought after by all plant collectors for it's creamy and splashy appearance. These are super easy to care for and definitely add that splash of color to your display.

Philodendron Florida narrow

Philodendron Florida narrow produces odd shaped leaves that protrude from the vine on extremely erect long, and narrow stems. It is a fairly fast grower and is a great specimen for any household.

Philodendron gigas

Philodendron gigas is an easy to care tropical plant that requires minimal attention from you both indoors and outdoors. Did you know that this species of aroid is originally from Panama?

Philodendron lupinum

Philodendron lupinum has beautiful red velvet texture leaf patterns on the underside of their leaves. They are a great little non-demanding plant to add to your collection or vivarium display tank.

Philodendron thai sunrise

This yellow/gold variegated Philodendron is sought after for it's stunning bright colors and presentation within any plant hobbyists collection. We are thrilled to offer this giant specimen to our customers.

Philodendron xanadu dwarf variegated

Philodendron xanadu dwarf variegated is a neat little plant splashing with green and yellow variegation in small low-lying clumps. It is a unique one-of-a-kind specimen not readily found in rare plant shops.

Queen anthurium warocqueanum

Queen anthurium warocqueanum is a stunning showstopper specimen originally hailing from South America, renowned for it's stunning foilage and enormous long and elegante leaves that it grows.

Sansevieria boncel variegated

Sansevieria boncel variegated is a special kind of a succulent showcasing variegation and an interesting display in form in regards to how it grows and spreads. It's a definite must have for a succulent collector.

Sansevieria lavranos

Sansevieria lavranos is native to Somalia! It is also commonly known as the Walking Snake Plant and was discovered by a person named John Lavranos. We have limited numbers of these in stock so snatch one now.

Scindapsus species

Check out our assortment of scindapsus species plants we have available for you. The variety and low prices are surely going to excite any new plant collector looking for something beautiful and affordable.

Shingler species

These plants are beautiful plants that are stunning to look at as they grow and evolve. These are also sought after by vivarium designers and hobbyists. Pick out a specimen to take home with you.

Stephania erecta

Stephania erecta is a strange-looking plant that looks like a potato with uniquely shaped circular leaves that grow on a vertical crawling vine. Check out the ones we have in stock and pick out one for yourself.

Stephania species

These little caudex plants are absolutely stunning with their texture sides on their bulbs and the geometric shape leaves are quite striking to the eye. We only have a limited quantity of these in stock now.

String of turtles

Also known as Jade Necklace, String of turtles is a popular semi-succulent plant for hanging baskets, terrariums or for indoor decoration. We grew these ones ourselves and are available to you.

Syngonium yellow variegated

The leaves are patterned with yellow variegated colors against a rich green canvas background. Pick out one of these for yourself and take advantage of our Canada wide shipping we provide.

Variegated string of hearts

Variegated string of hearts are also known as Ceropegia woodii variegata. This pretty trailing succulent grows out colors including cream, pink, and green heart-shaped leaves.