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Begonias Collection

Some varieties of begonia houseplants are grown for their flowers while others are grown for their striking foliage. Growing begonias as houseplants only requires a little bit of knowledge in order to keep them looking stunning.

Bromeliads Collection

Their brightly colored leaves, flowers, and intricate patterns make them attractive specimens. Bromeliads are a wonderful addition to any home or office vivarium where you want to add that unique look to your own ecouarium!

Caudex Plants Collection

Caudex plants are well known for their swollen stems and/or trunks situated above the soil surface. Most varieties hail from regions found in Mexico and Africa. Their distinctive structure is their survival mechanism. They are very cool!

Hoyas Collection

Hoyas are renowned for their marvelous stunning beauty and of course, their flowers that fill the room with sensual scents while blossoming with their vibrant colors. We are so proud to offer some of the rarest hoyas out there!

Monstera Thai Constellations

These are very impressive, spreading, and easy-to-grow, and generally low maintenance plants. Thai Constellations produce attractive variegated leaves marbled with splashes of creamy-yellow coloring. Just so stunning!

Succulents Collection

Succulents are known to be plants with the thickest and most fleshy textures as they engorge themselves with water from what they retain in their soil. They are actually named after the Latin word "sucus" which means "juice" or "sap".

Tillandsias Collection

Tillandsias are not only ideal for beginner plant enthusiasts, but they are also epiphytes which means they grow and cling to tree trunks and display pieces. And best of all, they do not need any soil! Pick out one or two today.