What's the Hype All About?

First of A Kind Membership Portal For Plant Ethusiasts Seeking Botanical Treasures

At Ecouarium Ltd., we simply love what we do, and we are always looking for new ways to take our passion for plants to a whole new level while raising the bar in our service standards. Our customers and their happiness are core to our success and we just wanted to create a unique experience where members of the public can join our Ecouarium Ltd. Membership Portal for $110 CAD + G.S.T. per year subscription. You can simply enjoy the experience you always have had with us via a Free Plan.

Our aim is to supply all of our members with their desires, but demand is extreme and plant availability is becoming more and more difficult. We do not carry large quantities of any of our plants, and we are much more focussed on quality and uniqueness rather than quantity. While some items may not be available on the website, members can rest assured we are constantly working to ensure that we always have new exciting botantical treasures released on regular basis!

We Are Just Getting Started But This Is What You Get Now When You Join

Our Seedling Package allows members to obtain access to the following items and perks!

  • Exclusive access to specimens not readily available to members of the public.
  • The plants you see in the portal are the exact one(s) you will get - no similar to images or disclaimers.
  • 5% off the listed price with a coupon code valid only for Ecouarium Ltd. Seedling Package Collection Plants
  • Did we mention winter shipping? It's a case by case basis only.
  • In the future, we have even bigger plans, so be sure to join to get insider news and updates we will not be sharing on social media - only members get to know the excitment! We will have an exclusive internal mailing list for members.
  • Exclusive email support and answers to your questions separate from the public.

To Celebrate The Launch - Seedling Plan Membership

Why delay signing up when our first 10 Seedling Plan Members (Paid Membership) who register will receive a free Philodendron Cream Splash with their first order?! The first 100 Seedling Plan Members (Paid Membership) will be entered into a draw to win a Thai Constellation in a 6-inch pot! The first 500 Seedling Plan Members (Paid Membership) will be entered into a draw to receive a free membership! We will be giving away 5 free one year subscriptions and a draw will held on Facebook Live when the first 500 Seedling Plan Members (Paid Membership)sign up. Three lucky Seedling Plan Members (Paid Membership) will receive a one hour free consultation either in person or via Zoom chat or Messenger. No matter where you are in the world, you all have an opportunity to win! Get expert advice on how to care for your plants or to build your very own vivarium. Free Plan memberships are not eligible for these draws. Sign up a Seedling Plan Membership to Qualify for these draws and bonus perks.

Ok Great, How Do I Apply or Join?

Joining is a very simple process. Simply Create An Account, and provide us with the following items as outlined in the form:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Create A Password
  • Phone Number
  • Billing Address
  • Delivery/Shipping Address (Even if you opt for local pickup later)
  • Agreement to all terms & conditions

After You Register - Account and Seedling Member Plans

Our team will process your applications and within 48 hours, you will be notified if your application has been approved.

Special Note: Information missing or not provided per the form requirements may result in a delay for approving your membership. We urge you to please take your time when signing up to provide all the correct information and to read our policies and procedures. Feel to free to ask us questions if you need further clarification on anything.

Once Approved - Seedling Plan Membership Details

You will receive an email advising your membership is approved and you will be eligible to pay for your Seedling Plan Membership conveniently using your credit card.

After You Pay - Seedling Plan Membership Details

After you submit payment, you will be able to start updating and manipulating your account details. Access to the VIP specimens are auto released after 48 hours passes. This ensures our credit card providers verify transactions to send the transactional information for approval to our membership database to release access. The 48 hour period delay only occurs on the first transaction. Please ensure the name on your account matches on the credit card or it can cause the payment gateway to stall out as the information does not match.