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Vivarium/Terrarium Products

Vivarium/Terrarium Products

These are the items we use to create our living art pieces. All products have been tried and tested and selected based on our own experienced but as always we urge everyone to research any product prior to purchasing it.

Aroids - Ecouarium Ltd.


Aroids come in all shapes and sizes. They tend to be low light plants and include many common household names including monsteras, philodendrons, and aglaonemas. In the wild, they usually grow on forest floors and adapt to many conditions.

Bromeliads - Ecouarium Ltd.


Bromeliads belong to a family of plant specimens found natively in the tropical regions of North and South America. Believe it or not, pineapples are part of the bromeliad family. They were originally discovered in 1483 by Christopher Columbus!

Carnivorous plants - Ecouarium Ltd.

Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants are known for obtaining most of their nutrient needs from trapping and consuming insects and protozoan species, flourishing in environments where the soil is thin or poor in conditions for roots to establish. Buy one for yourself today.

Caudex plants - Ecouarium Ltd.

Caudex plants

Caudex plants are well known for their swollen stems and/or trunks situated above the soil surface. Most varieties hail from regions found in Mexico and Africa. Their distinctive structure is their survival mechanism, which enables them to store water.

Mosses - Ecouarium Ltd.


Natural live moss is the perfect addition to a vivarium or terrarium ecosystem when it comes to added background filler and detail to a piece of driftwood or a centerpiece of focus. Consult with an expert at Ecouarium Ltd. to learn which mosses are right for you.

Peperomias - Ecouarium Ltd.


Peperomias are simply charming and easy-growing house plants that have been around for years and in more recent times are exploding in popularity. The best thing about these plants is you do not need a lot of room to grow and can be kept in medium to bright light.

Succulents - Ecouarium Ltd.


Succulents are known to be plants with the thickest and most fleshy textures as they engorge themselves with water from what they retain in their soil. They are actually named after the Latin word "sucus" which means "juice" or "sap". Succulents adore bright lighting.

Tillandsias - Ecouarium Ltd.


Tillandsias are not only ideal for beginner memberst enthusiasts, but they are also epiphytes which means they grow and cling to tree trunks and display pieces. And best of all, they do not need any soil! Mist every two days for optimal health and nurturing.

Vivarium plants - Ecouarium Ltd.

Vivarium plants

Live plants are critical when it comes to decorating bioactive terrarium and live vivarium environments. We take pride in the fact our plants are ultra healthy, grown under professional supervision, and made ready for you to enjoy. Ask us which ones are right for you.